Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Shopping Trip...

This morning the cold weather related Cabin Fever kicked in. I took myself out for a couple of hours, with no particular plans other than to check out the charity shops, as well as the yarn shop and the independent bookshop Booka
The charity shops weren't too fruitful today, but I did pick up two balls of mohair for 50p. I've never used mohair before so it's going to be a bit of an experiment! 

From the bookshop I got Angie Lewin's beautiful "Plants and Places" book, which I bought with birthday vouchers. I've loved Angie Lewin's work for a while now, I love the simple shapes and choice of colours, so I thought this would be a perfect belated birthday present to myself! I took myself for a hot chocolate, and had a look at my new book, before heading to the yarn shop, where I picked up some more sock yarn. I've been coveting this lovely green/pink/cream combination for a while so I finally gave in today. And as I was heading out of town I spotted a pair of gorgeous grey knitted boots. I must admit that it is only recently that I started liking these boots, and I can say without any doubt that I will not be wearing them with shorts, but I think they will look pretty cute with a skirt and coloured tights, and they are so cosy! 
So that was my little trip - I feel much better now, full of inspiration!

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