Sunday, 15 January 2012

Flea Market Finds

I have two special little critters to share this week! 
I spotted this little grey kitty when I was mooching around Covent Garden Market on Monday. She was on a table with lots of cat ornaments, but her big blue eyes stood out from the crowd (also the rest were generally not nice...). I knew she was coming home with me so I pushed my way to the table, past a man who really didn't want to move (I'm not normally so rude, but he was just chatting!) and grabbed the kitty, and clung onto her as I scrambled in my bag to find my purse, and she was mine! 
The squirrel came from a different shopping trip, on Tuesday. It was a much less frenzied experience - he was sat patiently on a shelf in a charity shop, and I must confess that I wasn't instantly sure that he was for me. The wavering was due to the fact that he is a pepper pot, and although that wouldn't normally put me off, he is  obviously meant to be holding the salt shaker. But I couldn't resist, he's just too cute. So I will need to think of something that he can hang onto!
So they have a temporary home on my shelves, until I can find a permanent home for them.
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  1. They're very cute! I think I have to ban myself from buying anymore....

  2. They're really cute aren't they?! I know what you mean, I'm concerned that I'm going to be over-run with them!

  3. They're really adorable, I have an insatiable need for knick-knacks. I think I need to build a special shelf, just for small animals!


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