Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Birthday Girl!

Sunday was my 27th Birthday, and my husband took me to London for a couple of days! We had lunch in a French patisserie, perused the second-hand book stalls on the South Bank and went to have a look around Tate Modern. Later we took a stroll down to Tower Bridge, one of the few landmarks that I'd never visited before.  It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

 And we walked past St Paul's Cathedral which was beautiful all lit up in the dark. We had dinner in my favourite restaurant, and watched "500 days of Summer" in the hotel. It was a lovely birthday!

On Monday I spent the day on my own (while hubby was in a meeting) drinking tea and mooching around - 
I got into the National Gallery early enough that I had the Van Gogh / Gauguin room all to myself, and walked around Covent Garden Market, which was buzzing with people. 

image from www.bbc.co.uk/news
In the afternoon I went to see "The Artist" - it's a really fabulous film!It's been ages since I went to see a film on my own, there's something quite frivolous about going to the cinema on a Monday afternoon! After the movie I went to The National Portrait Gallery, and the British Museum, where I treated myself to a big cup of tea and some chocolate cake (I'm going to call it birthday cake, makes it seem less over-indulgent!). 
It was a really lovely birthday trip, it was so nice to have the day off and be in my favourite place with my favourite person! 
I spent today with one of my other favourite people - my gorgeous friend Vicky. We haven't seen each other since before Christmas, so we exchanged presents - I made her a pair of little fabric birds and a cat's eye glasses necklace...

and as well as some amazing bamboo sock needles, Vicky knitted me this awesome chappy - he is nameless as yet, but I'm sure he'll tell me before long! The foxy ornament was my birthday present, I've been looking for a fox for ages! Vicky knows me too well!

We went out this afternoon for lunch and did some shopping - I bought some mustard wool for another calorimetry, and a new critter, but I'm saving him for my Flea Market Finds on Sunday!


  1. Little chappy is so cute he definitely deserves a great name!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had a lovely time!
    Love the birds you gave your freind! I really must get a couple of your fabric birds, I quite fancy some purple ones, do you do purple? Also love your little deer brooches, it will have to be next month when nasty January has gone away!!!

  3. Hi Sam,
    I have made purple birds before, I have some pics on my Flickr page, so if you like any of the fabrics in particular then I'm happy to make some up for you - just drop me an email gemma@gemmipopdesigns.com and we can have a chat about what you'd like! There's no rush though, I know what you mean about January, it stinks!


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