Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Another Trip to London...

I have been very lucky to have had so many opportunities to get down to London over the last few weeks. My trip this weekend was another tag along with hubby, because he had another meeting. Since we were both getting over the lurgy, we went to the Heymarket on Sunday afternoon to see "Shame" (which was not quite what I was expecting...), had a look around the National Portrait Gallery, as well as a cup of tea in the National Gallery.
On Monday I wandered  around on my own - my first stop was for a cup of tea, then onto Carnaby Street to have a look at a shop that had approached me about selling my work. It's a really nice shop, but there are some figures to work out before I make any decisions. From there I went the the Contemporary Applied Art Gallery, which has a lovely exhibition called "Target the Heart"  
 Image of work by Susie Freeman from the CAA website
I had a look around a couple of charity shops just off Tottenham Court Road, and then went to the cinema to see "W.E". It's a beautiful film, full of stunning detail and fabulous outfits. I really enjoyed it.
image from IMDb
After the movie I mooched up through Covent Garden and up to the British Museum for a look around. I had a cup of tea in the cafe and read for a while before I met up with hubby after his meeting. It was a really lovely weekend. 
Today I had a bit of a false start - I got up early for a meeting, but it was cancelled right at the last minute, so I've been at a bit of a loose end all day. I have taken the opportunity to read and drink tea - I think last weeks lurgy is still making me feel a bit run down, but hopefully it's nearly done!


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  2. I always love to read about something else going to Covent Garden. That's my favourite part of the city and I always go there, even if it means I don't have time to do something new. Otherwise it just doesn't feel like I've been to London. The December before last, my mum and I booked ourselves into London serviced apartments and had a weekend in Covent Garden. We'd been talking about doing that for ages, then just decided to do it. We didn't really do much, just wandered in and out of the shops, but it has such a lovely atmosphere. All that was missing was snow.

    But anyway, I hope you've recovered from the dreaded lurgy. (Tea and reading sounds like the perfect way to spend free time to me, whether you happen to be recovering from the lurgy or not)


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