Saturday, 3 December 2011

New Flowers

Last night was the first milestone in the countdown to Christmas - the lovely little town that I live in has an annual event called "Christmas Live", where the town is filled with little stalls and fairground rides and entertainment. Unfortunately I missed out on the outside festive frivolity because my stall stayed open late, but I had a lovely time chatting to the cheery revellers and I am told that it was a fabulous evening. Today was the Christmas Parade through the town, and again, my stall was open, so I didn't get out to see the fancy floats, but the festive cheer is contagious and I am feeling immersed in the Christmas spirit. So to keep myself busy today I made some new crocheted flower brooches because they are always a big seller in the winter months.
Lots of people buy them to brighten up dark coloured winter coats so I have made them bright and cheerful because we are in full winter-mode right now. This evening I am relaxing after spending twelve hours in the stall yesterday - we have watched "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 2)", and now we're onto "The Fifth Element", and while I am working on my crochet chevron blanket, my hubby is sorting through a huge box of original 80's "Star Wars" figures and vehicles that we picked up from our favourite charity shop tonight. I fancy making myself an Ewok brooch but I'm not sure if I can liberate him unnoticed from the pile of figures...

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