Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Busy Days...

It's been a busy week so far - my stall has been open every day and will be until Christmas Eve, so I've been   trying to have a relaxing time between customers so that I can start to get into the Festive Spirit myself! So I've been drinking lots of tea, and chatting away to customers and stallholders, and knitting things that I actually get to keep myself!

So I've been working on a second sock so that I have a pair to wear myself on Christmas day, as well as a second calorimetry, this time in the lovely pink that my pal Amy picked out for me when she was in Italy.

And I treated myself to something special today too - some gorgeous silver Fox studs from my lovely stall neighbours. The stall is run by a fabulous lady called Elaine, and her husband Philip makes the jewellery. They are a lovely couple, I've been very lucky to have such nice neighbours! 

 I am wearing my lovely new earrings now, they are really quite cute!
So that's been my busy week so far!

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