Thursday, 3 November 2011

Today's makings!

I did a whole bunch of laser cutting today, making some stock and some custom orders, and I tried out a couple of new designs! I made swan brooches because I had an email asking if I had ever made any. It seems a bit of an oversight that I haven't, because they're so pretty! I made them in white and opalescent shimmery white, but I probably should have done some black ones too!
I also finally got around to making some cuff-links. So now there's something fun for the boys too! I went for robots, because they are the most fun!!
I will be packing all of these new bits and bobs tomorrow ready to go on sale this weekend - I have some pretty kitschy labels for the cuff links!


  1. Gemma, could you drop me a line when the white opal ones are available for purchase? They are BEAUTIFUL!XXX

  2. I'm glad you like them sweetie - have sent you an email xx


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