Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Project!

Last night I gave into the worst temptation that there is; Starting a new project when I have lots already on the go. I am knitting socks and making Robins, but I really just needed something new to play with, so I started a rag rug for my living room. I have a plan for the colours - it starts with the lemon cream in the centre, then on to sunshine yellow, which progresses into a terracotta orange and finally a dark red. It should go nicely in our newly decorated living room, which is all orange.
I am glad to be working on something new, I hate when making things becomes a chore. I have some Robins and some laser cutting planned for tomorrow but I am going to be doing some design work tomorrow afternoon - I have some new ideas whizzing around in my head and they need to be put down on paper as soon as possible so that they don't disappear!

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  1. Well I just looked over your last few posts. You have been busy! I love crafting. And I'm ALWAYS starting something new when I have a lot of works in progress. I can't help it either. The rug is going to be so nice. When I start crafting and have all the ideas in my head, if I don't write them down I never get to sleep!

    I wish I knew how to make socks. Someone was teaching me once, but she quit coming to our spinning group. I have part of a foot done. I think it's a wonderful idea to start something for yourself on Christmas day. I think I'll do the same!

    Cindy Bee


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