Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Makings...

I've been really busy lately! I had a very long day yesterday, going straight from the stall to a Christmas Fair, I took a selection of my work and sold quite a bit, but most importantly I got to chat to some new people, and have hopefully gained a few customers for the stall. Yesterday was a big day for fabric birds - I sold three robins and two regular fabric birds, and then another fabric one sold this morning, so I had some making to do this morning...
These are my newest birds, they are all so pretty. I thought some nice bright colours would be fun! They are all on sale in my stall now, but I suspect that I will be needing to make some more next week, there has been a fair bit of interest in them already!
I also had some laser cutting to do earlier in the week, so I made a new bunny brooch - a white rabbit. I am going to see the Alice In Wonderland exhibition in Tate Liverpool at some point soon so it seemed fitting to make a White Rabbit.
I also made some greyhound brooches - up to now I have been making them to order and just selling them on etsy, but I decided to put some in the stall too. They are so cute!
So I have been pretty busy making things for the stall, so tomorrow I am planning to spend some time on my chevron blanket!

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