Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Creative Space

I don't know if this is so much a Creative as an UnCreative space. I am confessing. The time has come where I have to acknowledge that I have a problem. I keep starting projects and not finishing them. I know I am not alone, so I am sharing the evidence in the hope that this will be the incentive to finish some of this stuff.
There are all the usual excuses - not having time, projects that are more pressing (Christmas presents for example), and work related crafty projects that take priority. Some of these are valid points, but there are also less valid reasons - "oooh a new pattern to try", and "oooh, look at this lovely yarn", and "I want to learn to make....(insert project here)".
So this is my stash of unfinished stuff. There are also Christmas socks and a chevron blanket and a rag rug....It is quite clear that I have some kind of addiction. Some of these projects are close to finished, just needing ends woven in or edging, but some are in a less complete state. So here is a list of the unfinished projects (hanging my head in shame...)
  • stripey blanket (about 3/4 done, but will need edging)
  • socks (for me - one down, one to go)
  • African Flower Hexagon blanket (each hexagon needs a white edge and then joining)
  • Bear ear Scarf (not even a little bit near to finished)
  • Fox hat (again, just about started)
  • Stripey cushion cover (Second of two, back done, just needs the front and a zipper)
  • Rectangular rag rug (a long way to go yet...)
  • Granny square pile (completely without purpose)
  • Large granny square blanket (needs ends weaving in and edging)
  • Blue/white/ red granny square blanket (ends need weaving in)
  • And two embroidery projects that need finishing and a purpose
So that's it. No more new projects. I mean it this time. All of this stuff will be finished before I start anything new. I have Christmas socks to finish, and a couple of other bits for presents, but there's nothing new for me. I really mean it. I'm going to start small with things like edging and weaving in, but I really am going to finish this stuff. Honestly. I really am going to try....
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