Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Busy Days!

The last couple of days have been packed full of shenanigans, so my apologies for the quietness on the blog front!
I spent Sunday in London, helping out husband with a sixth-form trip. There were 35 students (all 16/17 years old), five teachers and little old me. It was a really good day, we took them down to Seven-Dials, gave them maps and a check list and sent them off to explore. So we all went for cups of tea sat outside in Covent Garden, then went for a walk along the South Bank, and then back up to Seven-Dials for 3pm to meet the students, via a French Patisserie for Macaroons and yummy pastry. While we waited for all of the students to arrive, I popped down to Magma (one of my favourite shops ever!!) and picked up a gorgeous Lucie Ellen "Sidney the Dachshund" brooch and a new Soop ring with a cute little ginger kitty!
So cute! We took the students down to Trafalgar Square, then down to Westminster, and on to Buckingham Palace. After safely checking all of the students into their hotel at 7.30, I went to dinner with hubby and the other teachers, to our favourite Turkish restaurant Tas, which is just down by the British Museum. It was a lovely day! We came home in the evening, since hubby had to be in school the next morning (the other teachers and the students got to stay on until Monday), and I was tucked up in bed at about 1.30am.
So after five hours sleep, we got ready to head to Wolverhampton to get hubby to school. I went along for the morning because I had a hospital appointment in the afternoon.
I started the day with a huge cup of tea, and spent the rest of the morning wandering around the charity shops, market, junk shops and little independent shops in the city centre. I got a couple of sweet little things that I am saving to show off in my Flea Market Finds later in the week, as well as some more sock yarn (I'm addicted!) and some books.
I had lunch in the Wolverhampton Art Gallery cafe, which was delightful, and started reading "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger, which is pretty intriguing so far! Today I am resting up after the hospital appointment, which to quote the nurse, was a "MOT MRI". I'm fine but my left arm is a bit messed up from the dye injection I had to have. So knitting, crochet and anything else that involves using two hands at once is out today. So I think I will be spending the rest of the day reading. Doesn't seem too bad really!

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