Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Makings...

Today I made some more little fabric birds...And some Hedgehog Cufflinks...
and some Dachshund brooches...
And now I'm tired!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Flea Market Finds

This sweet little guy came home with me on Thursday. He was on a shelf in one of my favourite charity shops and my thrifty shopping partner-in-crime Vicky absolutely insisted that he must be mine (I took so much convincing of course...), and since it was her birthday I couldn't refuse her! He really is a cutie!
He is currently sat with my collection of deers and other kitsch little creatures, but the permanent home that they need has not been located as yet. I'm sure the perfect shelf or cupboard will find it's way to me eventually!
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Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Makings...

I've been really busy lately! I had a very long day yesterday, going straight from the stall to a Christmas Fair, I took a selection of my work and sold quite a bit, but most importantly I got to chat to some new people, and have hopefully gained a few customers for the stall. Yesterday was a big day for fabric birds - I sold three robins and two regular fabric birds, and then another fabric one sold this morning, so I had some making to do this morning...
These are my newest birds, they are all so pretty. I thought some nice bright colours would be fun! They are all on sale in my stall now, but I suspect that I will be needing to make some more next week, there has been a fair bit of interest in them already!
I also had some laser cutting to do earlier in the week, so I made a new bunny brooch - a white rabbit. I am going to see the Alice In Wonderland exhibition in Tate Liverpool at some point soon so it seemed fitting to make a White Rabbit.
I also made some greyhound brooches - up to now I have been making them to order and just selling them on etsy, but I decided to put some in the stall too. They are so cute!
So I have been pretty busy making things for the stall, so tomorrow I am planning to spend some time on my chevron blanket!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Creative Space

I don't know if this is so much a Creative as an UnCreative space. I am confessing. The time has come where I have to acknowledge that I have a problem. I keep starting projects and not finishing them. I know I am not alone, so I am sharing the evidence in the hope that this will be the incentive to finish some of this stuff.
There are all the usual excuses - not having time, projects that are more pressing (Christmas presents for example), and work related crafty projects that take priority. Some of these are valid points, but there are also less valid reasons - "oooh a new pattern to try", and "oooh, look at this lovely yarn", and "I want to learn to make....(insert project here)".
So this is my stash of unfinished stuff. There are also Christmas socks and a chevron blanket and a rag rug....It is quite clear that I have some kind of addiction. Some of these projects are close to finished, just needing ends woven in or edging, but some are in a less complete state. So here is a list of the unfinished projects (hanging my head in shame...)
  • stripey blanket (about 3/4 done, but will need edging)
  • socks (for me - one down, one to go)
  • African Flower Hexagon blanket (each hexagon needs a white edge and then joining)
  • Bear ear Scarf (not even a little bit near to finished)
  • Fox hat (again, just about started)
  • Stripey cushion cover (Second of two, back done, just needs the front and a zipper)
  • Rectangular rag rug (a long way to go yet...)
  • Granny square pile (completely without purpose)
  • Large granny square blanket (needs ends weaving in and edging)
  • Blue/white/ red granny square blanket (ends need weaving in)
  • And two embroidery projects that need finishing and a purpose
So that's it. No more new projects. I mean it this time. All of this stuff will be finished before I start anything new. I have Christmas socks to finish, and a couple of other bits for presents, but there's nothing new for me. I really mean it. I'm going to start small with things like edging and weaving in, but I really am going to finish this stuff. Honestly. I really am going to try....
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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Chevron Blanket

After weeks of knitting socks for Christmas, I needed a lovely crochet project to stop me from getting the sock-crazies. I couldn't quite work out what that project would be - I'm already working on a rag-rug, and African Flower Hexagons, but I just had that feeling that I needed something new. So I have started a chevron blanket...
I am using the lovely pattern from The Royal Sisters blog. I am up to 20 rows now, and it's got a nice fresh feeling that is lovely on the cold wintry days that we're having here in grey old England. I really do need to get on and finish some of these other projects though, I am hopeless.

New Fabric Birds

I've been busy making Robins for weeks, but last week I sold two of my regular fabric birds so I thought I'd better make some new ones! I have eight cut out ready to stitch, and these are the first two!
They will be on sale on Friday, and I will be making more soon. Tomorrow I will be busy working on Christmas socks whilst drinking lots of tea with my lovely friend for her birthday, and I am so looking forward to a day off!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Magazine Feature!

I had a lovely visitor to my stall on Saturday - a very sweet lady called Verity, who writes for Craftseller magazine. Verity was responsible for my first feature in Craftseller issue 2, and contacted me last month to ask about online selling, specifically packaging, and on Saturday she brought up the feature for me to see! It is included in the little booklet "Dos and Don'ts of Selling On Etsy" which will be with issue 5, which I believe is released tomorrow! So here's a sneaky peep at my little quote, with a photograph of my star earrings...
It's so exciting!
My star earrings are on Etsy as well as in my stall. They've been pretty popular so far! I have been busy working on a stand for my earrings over the last week, one of the other stall holders passed along a metal stand that she didn't need any more, and it was in need of a little bit of TLC, so I decided to wrap in with yarn!
I think it looks pretty! So I've put out all of my button earrings, and the bottom two rows will be for stars and hearts. I have been making lots of stock this morning so I will be busy gluing and packaging everything tomorrow!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Flea Market Finds

I'm a little late with my Flea Market Finds this week because yesterday I found myself wandering around Tate Modern. But that's another story. So here are my finds from last Monday (it's hard to believe it's been a week, where is the time going?!), two very kitsch ducks and a very sweet little deer!
All found on my trip to Wolverhampton last week, the ducks were from a charity shop (£1 each) and the deer (50p) was on a market stall. The deer is a little pepper pot, and I can't help but wonder what happened to her sister the salt shaker? I hope she is safe and treasured somewhere!
I am starting to think that I need some kind of display solution for all of my little ceramic sweeties. I am considering some kind of corner unit for the living room wall. Bless my sweet husband who continues to accept my increasing collection of kitsch ornaments with his usual good humour. I am a lucky lady indeed.
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Public Service Announcement!!

A bit of a boring admin type of post, but I have just updated my Etsy shop with the last postal dates from the UK if you would like parcels to arrive before Christmas, but please be aware that I may need to actually make the item for you so if you have shopping plans, I would advise ordering sooner rather than later!!

International Airmail
Mon 5th December - South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand
Fri 9th December - Eastern Europe, USA and Canada
Mon 12th December - Western Europe

UK folks have a wee bit longer, up to the 14th December for Standard Parcels, and 23rd December for Special Delivery, but I suspect that will cost a fortune. Same applies here - I may need time to get stuff made so the sooner the order the better!

Friday, 18 November 2011

My Busy Day

This was how my work bench looked yesterday...
I was busy making lots of orders!
Just a taster of how much I've made over the last few days. I'm worn out!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Busy Days!

The last couple of days have been packed full of shenanigans, so my apologies for the quietness on the blog front!
I spent Sunday in London, helping out husband with a sixth-form trip. There were 35 students (all 16/17 years old), five teachers and little old me. It was a really good day, we took them down to Seven-Dials, gave them maps and a check list and sent them off to explore. So we all went for cups of tea sat outside in Covent Garden, then went for a walk along the South Bank, and then back up to Seven-Dials for 3pm to meet the students, via a French Patisserie for Macaroons and yummy pastry. While we waited for all of the students to arrive, I popped down to Magma (one of my favourite shops ever!!) and picked up a gorgeous Lucie Ellen "Sidney the Dachshund" brooch and a new Soop ring with a cute little ginger kitty!
So cute! We took the students down to Trafalgar Square, then down to Westminster, and on to Buckingham Palace. After safely checking all of the students into their hotel at 7.30, I went to dinner with hubby and the other teachers, to our favourite Turkish restaurant Tas, which is just down by the British Museum. It was a lovely day! We came home in the evening, since hubby had to be in school the next morning (the other teachers and the students got to stay on until Monday), and I was tucked up in bed at about 1.30am.
So after five hours sleep, we got ready to head to Wolverhampton to get hubby to school. I went along for the morning because I had a hospital appointment in the afternoon.
I started the day with a huge cup of tea, and spent the rest of the morning wandering around the charity shops, market, junk shops and little independent shops in the city centre. I got a couple of sweet little things that I am saving to show off in my Flea Market Finds later in the week, as well as some more sock yarn (I'm addicted!) and some books.
I had lunch in the Wolverhampton Art Gallery cafe, which was delightful, and started reading "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger, which is pretty intriguing so far! Today I am resting up after the hospital appointment, which to quote the nurse, was a "MOT MRI". I'm fine but my left arm is a bit messed up from the dye injection I had to have. So knitting, crochet and anything else that involves using two hands at once is out today. So I think I will be spending the rest of the day reading. Doesn't seem too bad really!

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Today has been a lovely happy day - my one year stall-iversary! I can't believe that a whole year has passed since I opened my stall, the time has flown by! I had lots of lovely visitors and have had strangers congratulate me and then explain that they follow me on facebook - it's so nice to meet such sweet people! I had some cards and presents too, which was so totally unexpected - it's been an overwhelming day. I took in some little apple pies for everyone, to share the happiness, and it's been a genuinely wonderful day.
Opening Day 13th November 2010

This evening I have reflected on the last year - it has been utterly astounding - I've had some crazy times, lots of ups and a couple of downs. I've learned a lot about myself, made some friends that I hope I will keep for life, and become much more assertive - over the last couple of weeks I have had to defend my little business with more assertiveness than I thought I had in me, and although that was tough I know that I, and my business, will be stronger for it.
Happy 1st Birthday Card from the lovely ladies at Siop Cwlwm

So with all of that, I want to thank everyone that has helped out so much over the last year - everyone that has encouraged me, provided opinions on new designs, listened to my over-excited rambling and my little moans, and parted with hard-earned cash in exchange for my work. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I am so excited to see what is in store for the next year!! Thanks again folks, from the bottom of my heart.

It's been a busy week!

Some of the highlights from a jolly busy week...
I made some Flamingo earrings to match the brooches that I already had! So kitsch!
And I made the "Nadolig Cyntaf 2011" baubles for Siop Cwlwm, plus a customised "Ioan" version, and special new cufflinks...
Tractors! They made their debut last night at a Fair in Llanrhaeadr, which was a Young Farmers Event, so Tractors were the perfect thing to take along! This was my table at the event, I took lots of lovely things along so hopefully people got a little taster of what I make.
And of course, the obligatory photograph of me behind my stall. It has to be done I suppose!
A shiny bit of publicity too; a fantastic interview in one of the local papers with Lowri from Siop Cwlwm, featuring a pic of my baubles! Lowri has been very supportive, we collaborate quite often now, and she is delightful!
So it's been quite a hectic week, but so much fun!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Shopping Day!

Is there any better way to spend a day than shopping, knitting and drinking tea with a lovely friend?! I got this super kitsch crochet book, two row counters (because they keep getting lost) and some gorgeous blue cotton from the charity shops, and some more sock yarn from the wool shop. Because three balls of sock yarn just wasn't enough...and I just couldn't resist the fabulous snazziness of it...
And just a small update on my rag-rug, which is coming on very well! I didn't have as much red as I would have liked, so yesterday I ran into my favourite charity shop in the hope that I would find something suitable, and I found a whole load of red - 2 double flat sheets in fact! And it's the same shade as the one that I had! Jolly lucky indeed.
So now I have enough fabric to get going again! Woohoo!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nadolig Llawen Baubles...

I mentioned earlier this week that I have been working on a special design for Siop Cwlwm Croesoswallt, which is a lovely Welsh Language shop in Oswestry Market. I collaborated with them earlier this year making custom jewellery for the National Eisteddfod, and now we're working on something new; Christmas Baubles!
On Monday I designed "Nadolig Llawen" (Merry Christmas) baubles - the first batch of baubles are white - plain and opalescent (which is a limited edition), but they will be available in green and red too. Today I worked on some "First Christmas 2011" (Nadolig Cyntaf 2011) Baubles, which have the option to be customisable with the baby's name. They are all available from their shop or Siop Cwlwm's website/facebook page. It's a very exciting collaboration, and the bonus is that I am picking up a little bit of Welsh as I go along!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

More Robins...

Today I finished another ten Robins - they are slowly taking over my stall! I sold another one today, and I have had three orders over the last two days. So the Robin making is in overdrive! Here are eight of the ten...
And this is one of the ordered ones...
The very first tweed Robin! It is so sweet. I made it from a tweed skirt that I had bought to make into soft toys ages ago - finally my habit of hoarding fabric comes in handy! I used lovely red cord for it's tummy, and I have had an order for another one in the same style, so I think it would be worth making a few, it's just too cute!

Friday, 4 November 2011

New Stock on Sale!

I have packaged up all of my new stock today - so pretty!
I have listed everything in my Etsy shop too, because I will be making more swans next week since I've sold three of the four that I made yesterday already! I had a lovely crochet lesson today, and I'm booked for double lessons for the next two consecutive weeks. It's all very busy over here!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Today's makings!

I did a whole bunch of laser cutting today, making some stock and some custom orders, and I tried out a couple of new designs! I made swan brooches because I had an email asking if I had ever made any. It seems a bit of an oversight that I haven't, because they're so pretty! I made them in white and opalescent shimmery white, but I probably should have done some black ones too!
I also finally got around to making some cuff-links. So now there's something fun for the boys too! I went for robots, because they are the most fun!!
I will be packing all of these new bits and bobs tomorrow ready to go on sale this weekend - I have some pretty kitschy labels for the cuff links!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Project!

Last night I gave into the worst temptation that there is; Starting a new project when I have lots already on the go. I am knitting socks and making Robins, but I really just needed something new to play with, so I started a rag rug for my living room. I have a plan for the colours - it starts with the lemon cream in the centre, then on to sunshine yellow, which progresses into a terracotta orange and finally a dark red. It should go nicely in our newly decorated living room, which is all orange.
I am glad to be working on something new, I hate when making things becomes a chore. I have some Robins and some laser cutting planned for tomorrow but I am going to be doing some design work tomorrow afternoon - I have some new ideas whizzing around in my head and they need to be put down on paper as soon as possible so that they don't disappear!