Sunday, 30 October 2011


I seem to be knitting rather a lot lately; I am working on socks for Christmas pressies, and quite frankly, socks are my new obsession! I am getting on jolly well with my dad's pair, I am hoping to finish the first of the pair today so I can get going with the second. I want to finish a pair for myself too, my blue/white/orange sock needs a friend!
As well as that, my lovely husband bought me a ball of pinky sock yarn for myself, which I am itching to get started on! I think I may treat myself on Christmas day by starting a pair, since all of the ones for everyone else will be packed up and distributed by then! It only seems fair after all!
Some other gifty knitting (which I actually finished a while ago), is this little mitten and hat set for the new baby of our Stitch and Bitch host. She arrived in the early hours of Friday morning, so I will be delivering this little parcel soon. I made 3-6 month sized stuff, with the logic that everyone would give her "newborn" things, so now she will have something cosy for when she's a bit bigger. They are made from 100% cotton, and very soft for the little one.
I have been thinking about something nice to make for my sister for Christmas, but I haven't been struck by inspiration yet. There's always the problem of time too, but I would just like everyone to have something handmade, it feels more special.

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