Friday, 2 September 2011

Some New Jewellery and New Friends...

Here are my new Horse Brooches, all packaged up and on sale! I've sent a couple to London too, to try them out, I'm hoping my stockist will like them!
I am looking forward to getting back into making stock next week. I admit I have been a little bit undisciplined over the summer and I need to get back on track for the Christmas Season - I'm trying to avoid thinking about it yet but it's on it's way! I have some new designs that I will be trying out next week too, and I'm quite excited.
In other news, we have some new chums in our house...
As I have mentioned before, I really love Budgies. My husband sneakily arranged for Will and Kate's arrival on Wednesday, and they are settling in quite well! They are an established couple (we didn't name them, even I am not quite that kitsch) and about a year old. They smooch a whole lot. It's ace. I have made them a night-time cover from vintage floral fabrics...
It's not finished yet, I want to put their names on it and possibly a crown or two. And maybe some bunting to go around their tray. I think only a palace will do for Royal Budgies.
Tonight is Stitch and Bitch. I am excited because I haven't managed to make it for the last two weeks, so it will be lovely to catch up. And possibly turn the heel on my sock - Have a peep at the super socks my friend Vicky made - she is my official heel turning guru (and a star for persevering with me despite the second sock syndrome).

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