Thursday, 15 September 2011

Some little Snippets from my Day...

Today has been lovely! It was supposed to be a work day but what can I say, I got caught by a flight of whimsy. Here are some of the highlights;
It all started with something perfectly peachy dropping through my door...
and of course something so delightful had to be enjoyed in proper surroundings. So I packed my crochet hook and yarn and my lovely new book into my vintage floral tote bag (with the super gorgeous embroidered flower pocket) and off I went.
Aroma is my favourite little cafe, the staff are lovely and always know that I like my big cup of tea to come with soya milk. So I spent ages in there sipping my tea and enjoying Dottie's "ponderings" and "ramblings".
After the tea was all gone I went for a lovely wander around the charity shops. I found a sweet geeky V-neck jumper (which will be perfect for chilly days with my pretty purple floral skirt and some bright tights!) and a nice little stripey cardigan, as well as Yann Martel's "Beatrice and Virgil".
I also got something special for my hubby, but it's something to make into something else and it's a surprise for when he gets home tonight!
And I went to my favourite bakery to get a fresh loaf of bread, which was quite yummy with rhubarb and ginger jam...
And my last little sweet thing for the day - I wore my polka dot cardigan with my little grey bunny brooch. It reminds me of Daisy and it makes me smile.
I'm going to go and do some work now. Honestly I am. I will not be putting the kettle on, or getting more jammy bread, and I certainly will not be curling up on my squishy new sofa with my lovely new book. Honest.


  1. ooo where did you order the dottie angel book from?x

  2. Here's the link - just click shop and it will take you to the order page!! It's beautiful, highly recommended!

  3. thank you! i think i'll just order a copy... looks like you had a great day too!x


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