Sunday, 11 September 2011

Octagonal Crochet!

Last night I was mooching around the internet and noticed that as well as the African flower Hexagon, lovely Heidi has now posted the African Flower Pentagon, and it got me thinking about how the hexagon and pentagon would fit together to make a blanket. So after a bit of working out with a pencil and some squared paper, I think the solution is an Octagon... so using the patterns that Heidi had so kindly shared, I worked out how to make one!
The principle is the same, but starting with 8 chains, 8 sets of centre trebles and so on. I think it worked out pretty well, but I don't know if it would actually fit together with hexagons and pentagons. But regardless, I'm pretty pleased with it! So I've stitched it into my sketchbook, which is where everything goes these days, and I thought I would share it!

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  1. I have crochet envy! It's something I have never tried to do, but think that I really should give it a go, as I keep seeing beautiful crocheted things on people's blogs.


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