Thursday, 15 September 2011

My Creative Space

This is the little surprise project that I mentioned earlier - I made this huge Star Wars cushion for my hubby, so he has somewhere comfy to sit when he plays vintage video games. I hope he likes it! It's made from a duvet cover that I picked up this morning, and it's pretty cool. Although I am concerned that it is a "Return of The Jedi" cushion rather than an "Empire Strikes Back" cushion - I'm sure he'll love it regardless, but I feel that it is rather important that he knows that I know that "Empire..." is better... something about Ewoks I believe. I happen to think they're pretty cute. But then I'm a girl.
I will be making myself a giant cushion too - however it's more likely to be made from some kind of crochet/knitted type of shenanigans.
And I would like to point out that I made this cushion instead of doing the work that I was supposed to do earlier...I am the queen of procrastination today...Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
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  1. lol that's a great idea. I better not show my hubby this post or he'll want one too! Hope yours loves it :)

  2. Thanks! I think he's pretty happy with it, so now I need to get making mine!


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