Monday, 5 September 2011

Lots of Makings...

I had a really solid making day today - I arrived at the stall at 11am and kept cutting things out until 3.30 (when the market caretakers started looking twitchy andAdd Image I was concerned I would be locked in...). I made all of these brooches ready for the Festive Season (I'm sorry, I know it's too early to mention it), mostly because I have a load of new ideas that I've been working on and I just need plenty of stock made so I can start focusing on new stuff. I have tried out some of the old designs in new colours, just because I want every eventuality covered. Wishful thinking I know...
So now Rhinos, Scotty Dogs and Bunnies are available in new colours, I have a whole range of teapots for the stall (they're on sale elsewhere, but not in the stall *slaps forehead*), and I've replaced everything that's sold! Woohooo! I also completed an Etsy order and a wholesale order for necklaces for the Greyhound Trust - I really have been hyper-organised today!
I made bunches of hearts for earrings, I've sold loads this summer so it was time for a re-stock, and I now have them in two new colours - Navy and Grey.
And sneaking onto my stock list, a design which is new...
Cat's-Eye Glasses!! I had planned to get a load of new designs ready to cut out next week, but I've been thinking about these necklaces for weeks. So as soon as everything was ticked off the list I decided to make a couple to have a look at. I have kept one for myself, because I like to wear new stuff and try it out, make sure it's all as it should be, but it was hard to only pick one - I just made the three colours to start with, and my first instinct was for the pink, but then I so rarely wear pink these days that I went for black. I'm going to take it for a test-drive tomorrow, looking forward to it already! I have just listed them in my Etsy and Folksy shops.


  1. I love that you're making necklaces for the greyhound trust! High fives from Freya and Dice. ;)

    Also, the cat-eye glasses ROCK. I can't wait to see those in person! xx

  2. The cat's eye glasses will be a hit, they look amazing!


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