Friday, 16 September 2011

Idle Hands...

Today was quiet in the Market. Fridays are funny that way. Some are busy and some are not. Today was not. So by 9.30 I was busy putting all of my stock onto strings on the wall. It took a while, but I think it looks pretty spiffy. The idea is that people don't always like to ask if I have a certain colour in a design, and so now they are all on display and it is easy to see what's what. And they don't take much space, unlike when they are under my counter.
I also packaged all of my new stock, made up a whole bunch of star and heart earrings, and stitched another Robin. They'll be needing legs, but they are still quite sweet.
After work I walked home. It was not raining when I left work. I got so far and had to hide under a tree because it was really, really rainy! So when the rain calmed down I made a break for it. I had put my scarf into by bag to cover my books, so when I emerged I moved my scarf to cover my books more thoroughly. At which point a little waspy chap in yellow and black stripey jim-jams, who was hiding all cosily in my scarf, decided my hand look like the ideal place to stick it's sting. It really hurt but it would seem that I am not allergic. Which is lucky. My mum suggested putting vinegar on it, which apparently is also good for jelly fish stings. So I am now prepared with useful knowledge.

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