Sunday, 25 September 2011

Flea Market Finds

Yesterday, on a quick walk through the Saturday Market in the square I noticed a sweet little face hidden amongst a mountain of random bits and bobs. I knew straight away that this was one of those moments of fate, and that this little kitty was destined to be mine. So, with my bag still being in my stall and not having even a penny on me, I smiled and asked the (somewhat grumpy) stall holder man if he could keep her for me. He looked slightly bemused. But I returned mere minutes later with my pound coin to exchange for her and she was mine!!
So now she has taken pride of place on top of the cabinet in my stall, and I hope she will be happy with me, away from Mr. Grumpy-Pants stall holder. I like to think that I am a cheery stall-holder. I like to set a good example.
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  1. Thanks hunni, I love her! I got your letter ages ago, I'm really sorry I haven't replied yet, but thank you so much for the pin-cushion, I use it all the time!xx


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