Sunday, 11 September 2011

Flea Market Finds

When I was small I loved the TV series of "The Wind in The Willows" - Mr Toad and his auto mobile complete with driving goggles, lovely Ratty and Sweet Moley, and even big old grumpy Badger. So I was thrilled to find this lovely single duvet cover in my favourite charity shop on Friday after work...
I plan to divide it all up (it has a repeat pattern), and make a couple of tote bags from it. It's covered with pretty flowers, and little scenes of the whole gang, but the section that I love the most (which will be the front of a bag for me!) is this...
Mr Toad and his lovely canary Yellow Caravan! So delightful, I almost squeaked when I saw it!
Today we went to our local car boot sale, but I didn't really find much - as always I was on the lookout for ceramic deer, vintage fabric, buttons and vintage dollies, but it was pretty quiet. I did see the lady who feeds my Vintage My Little Pony habit and left with two "adult" ponies and two babies, and then later had a dig through a tub full of Barbie dolls and found two more ponies, one adult and one baby! I was pretty happy with that, so now I just need to find space for them all!
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  1. We need a photo of the My Little Ponies! But fantastic find of the Wind in the Willows doona, how gorgeous :)

  2. I am a big fan of The Wind and the Willows and the quilt cover is gorgeous. I bet it will make pretty totes!

    E :)

  3. Love the fabric. I'm descended from travellers , whose whereabouts on a census is listed as 'in a caravan', so anything with a caravan strikes a little chord with me! Don't forget to post pics of the bags when you've made them!

  4. Thanks so much for all of the lovely comments - I will post pics when I've made some bags! I will pop a pic of my new ponies up now, they're ever so pretty!
    Scarlet - "in a caravan" sounds lovely!x

  5. Mr Toad looks so cute wearing his tweed suit...what I wouldn't do for a caravan like that! perfect for running away and having a wonderful adventure in x

    p.s so sorry I haven't responded to your lovely award yet Ms G. Pop, I'll try to before the end of the week x


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