Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Back onto Granny Squares!

I am about to head off for another exciting day in the stall, but I thought I would share the granny squares that I made last night...
It's starting to get dark earlier and earlier in the evenings now, so granny square projects are the perfect thing! These squares will become a scarf. I liked the vintage colours (the peachy orange in particular is quite lovely!). I have packed my hook and yarn, so if I have a sneaky moment to spare today I will be making some more!
And this was the scene that greeted me this morning - William has worked out his swing and he loves it!! Bless them, they've settled into our funny little family quite well!


  1. Those squares look great! Love the colours, they work so well together!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm really glad you like the colours too, I'm always unsure with new colour combos, just in case I'm the only one that will like them!!x

  3. Love the squares and the choice of colours. I've been drooling over your brown bed linen in the previous post. There's something about bird images that I really like.


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