Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Preparation for Big Knit Day!

I've spent some time today getting ready for my Big-Knit on Saturday. I put up the 80th hat today, and have a promise of another 30 from an Auntie, so the 100 mark will be passed soon! I've been busy making pom-poms, because most of the people that I've spoken to like knitting but don't like the pom-pom bit, so I thought having a bowl-full ready for Saturday would be a good idea. Luckily I rather like making pom-poms, so it was quite good fun.
I also finished my jester hat. It's a bit wiggly, but I thought it was fun. I picked up the bells on Monday and they finish the hat off well.
I'll post the pattern tomorrow just in case anyone fancies making one! For now though I am working on some socks. I started them yesterday, and I am determined not to give in to second-sock-syndrome this time. It's very snazzy yarn, and I am getting on quite well so far.
I want to practise cable knitting some more too, but it requires much more concentration than I can manage at the moment!


  1. Wow over 100 everybody sure has gotten into the spirit!

    E :)

  2. I am impressed with the number of Pom-Poms so far, Hope they didnt take you hours ;)

  3. Hi, how fantastic that you and your friends have made 100 hats... re pom-poms: I found out today via Max's blog "A Blackbird Has Spoken" that there is such a thing as a pom-pom maker! Yep! I never knew they existed, did you?
    Max says it is easy-peasy and really quick...might be better than making 100 pom-poms by hand...anyway, just a suggestion x


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