Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Creative Space

I've not really had much of an actual creative space this week, aside from knitting my socks in various café's around Wolverhampton, but I have been shopping in preparation for some creative style shenanigans! I found lovely orange pillow-cases to rip up for a rag-rug for my living room, some lovely mustard pure wool (49p - bargain!) and four balls of Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe yarn for £2 each. I was very well behaved - there was alpaca and pure wool too, all for £2 a ball - and quite frankly it took all of my strength to leave with only four balls.
So I have plans for the pillow cases, and a little shimmering idea for the bamboo yarn, but the mustard was entirely frivolous. What can I say, I just couldn't leave it behind... So no real creative space, but a jolly nice morning out anyway, lots of charity shops and tea drinking.
For more creativity, pop on over to Our Creative Spaces... and I'll be back with my Jester Hat Pattern after I get a cuppa !!


  1. Sounds like a lovely morning. Looking forward to seeing what the Bamboo Ewe turns into - I have some sitting here taht needs a few ideas:)

  2. It's lovely yarn isn't it?! I'm thinking about starting something tonight because I'm waiting for some heel-turning supervision from my super-sock knitting friend and I've gone as far as I can alone!!


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