Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Creative Space

I'm having one of those "picking stuff up and putting stuff down" days. I started this morning by finishing my 44th flower hexagon, so now I need a new set of colours. Then I put all of my books onto our new shelves. Then I did a couple of rows of my rag-rug...
Then we went into town to get nice fresh bread and soya milk (and my lovely husband bought me flowers), and we had a look for nice fabric to add into my rag-rug, and some for a living room rug but no luck. Then after some Internet research I tried cable knitting...
This is it so far - it's getting there. The pattern is from Knitting Cables for Dummies, and it's helped me understand how the whole cable thing works. So now that I get it, I'm going to do some swatches to practise!
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