Friday, 5 August 2011

Little Hats!

After yesterday's knit-a-thon with a local ladies group, I put up a washing line in my stall to show off the wonderful hats that have been made so far...

I have 16 hanging up already, with three more of my own in the making, and the promise of lots more from some of the ladies from last night and some of my Stitch and Bitch gals. It looks like its going to be a successful event on 20th August; I've been talking to customers about it and everyone seems really keen! I'm going to make some posters for it after Stitch and Bitch tonight- will post pics of them when they're done!


  1. These look great! I made two today, they are so fun to knit!

  2. They're so fun aren't they!?! I taught a girl to knit today and she's apparently spent the evening working on them, I love how knitting makes people happy!x

  3. Those are great! How can one get involved? It's such a good cause.

  4. Hi Beth! There's a pattern on the Innocent website;
    The deadline for hats to be sent in is October 14th, so you have plenty of time yet! It really is a great way to raise money in a fun way, it's lovely to walk in and see bobble hats in the chiller!!


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