Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Horse Brooches

Today I popped up the stall for a couple of hours of making time - I needed some Cameo Brooches to send to my stockist in London - it would seem that they're doing rather well! So while I was there I decided to try out another design that I've been thinking about - some horses! My apologies for the picture quality - it was a phone camera under icky florescent lights effort, but I didn't have my camera and I was far too excited not to take some kind of photograph!
So, a sneaky preview of one of my new ideas. I will be taking better photographs once they're all packaged up and pretty! I have lots of other ideas too, some simple shapes like these and some more complicated stuff, but I need to get some solid designs done before I can actually make them!


  1. Horse cameos! :) They're lovely, really elegant looking. xx

  2. Thanks hun, I was quite pleased with them!x


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