Sunday, 14 August 2011

Flea Market Finds

I've been on the look out for pretty embroidered doilies for a project that's been rattling around inside my head for a little while - and on Friday, on my way up to my stall, I noticed a basket full of them! There's a quirky little antiques/collectables stall with lots of pretty things, and these lovely doilies were 10p each!
This is a close up of the detail on one of my favourites, it's so dainty and pretty! I have lots of projects on the go at the moment, and I'm trying to get some stuff finished before I start anything new, but I'm really hopeless and always start thinking about the next thing!
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  1. Wow - 10p each is an absolute steal. The cheapest I have found has been 50p. I find vintage linens verrrrry hard to resist.

  2. What a deal on those beautiful doilies! I'll be very interested to see the project once you work on it.

  3. There so sweet and a bargain too!

    E :)


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