Saturday, 6 August 2011

Flea Market Finds

I'm doing pretty well so far today; My Flea Market Finds this week are also early! One of my new treasures is a very sweet little deer dish, which my lovely friend bought for me today (Vicky - I hope you don't mind me calling it a flea market find!!). Vicky is my most favourite charity shop partner-in-crime, and she finds the best stuff! We are planning some hardcore charity shopping trips soon, I can't wait! I also had a good find myself on Thursday - this fantastic "Make it Yourself" book from the 1970s. There are some amazing patterns...
I love the pout on this lady...
There is a really nice "easy enough to knit without looking" blanket, and a pretty quilt, which is under the title "Feather your nest with Colour"! So sweet!
We've been busy filling up our amazing new shelves with books and films over the last few days, and I am looking forward to finding spaces for all of my kitschy ornaments and little things. Pics soon!
For more Flea Market Finds pop over to see Sophie - She's ace!


  1. "Charity shop partner-in-crime", haha, I love it! :D

    I can't wait for our hardcore charity shopping trip either, it'll be fab! xx

  2. I love charity shop finds. I was on holiday the other week and found a whole pile of Yarn Forward, a knitting mag I used to get. I thought I'd hit the jack pot! I had to pick up a few old copies. Also love the deer lol


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