Saturday, 27 August 2011

Fancy Hats!

Here are some of the highlights of the hat making shenanigans! There were lots of lovely hats, but these are the ones that were a bit different - and some of mine just to show that I did a few myself...
Top row - Vicky
Second Row - Lowri from Siop Cwlwm, Becca and nice little old lady that popped in...
Third Row - Elaine, lady from "Ladies" Group, Mine!! and another from the ladies group
Bottom row - Ladies Group, Rebecca, another nice drop-in lady, and Linda from Siop Cwlwm

I took all of the hats down to AgeUK headquarters in London yesterday, and they were very happy!
I am hoping to have lots more soon - I had a delivery of 88 this morning, plus apparently there are another 40 coming from my mum's auntie. So I'll be packing up some more!

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