Saturday, 20 August 2011

Big Knit 2011

It's been a spectacularly, amazingly, super-dooper, terrific day! As I mentioned yesterday, there were 203 hats already finished and on display. By 3.40 this afternoon there were 330!!! Here are some of the highlights of the day (everyone featured has given their permission for photos)...
Super-star Pom-Pom makers! Becca with the 300th hat!
Check out the concentration (and blurry hands...)
Some of my happy helpers (L-R Nannon, Rebecca, Vicky and Bonnie) Legends!
I haven't taken photographs of all of the hats at this stage, partly because by the end of the day I thought my brain would melt if I saw another hat...and partly because I want to get a shot of all of the hats together. I also want to show some of the super-fancy hats that have been made, just because I think some need to be photographed for posterity. It also has to be said that as well as these lovely ladies, there was my mum, my friends Graeme and Sam and their daughter Abigail, Martin on Pom-Poms, Elaine and Nikki my stall neighbours, the lovely people that run the market cafe who kept us supplied with tea and scones, and several ladies that I haven't met before who dropped in hats, as well as a regular stream of hats coming from Lowri and Linda of Siop Cwlwm Croesoswallt. I am going to be spending some time tomorrow writing thank you letters to everyone that has been so kind and generous with their time. I am pretty thrilled with the outcome of today. And really very tired....


  1. Looks like you had a great day! Well done super hat making!

  2. Congrats on the successful day. Lots of great hats can't wait to see the pic of them all!

    E :)


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