Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Horse Brooches

Today I popped up the stall for a couple of hours of making time - I needed some Cameo Brooches to send to my stockist in London - it would seem that they're doing rather well! So while I was there I decided to try out another design that I've been thinking about - some horses! My apologies for the picture quality - it was a phone camera under icky florescent lights effort, but I didn't have my camera and I was far too excited not to take some kind of photograph!
So, a sneaky preview of one of my new ideas. I will be taking better photographs once they're all packaged up and pretty! I have lots of other ideas too, some simple shapes like these and some more complicated stuff, but I need to get some solid designs done before I can actually make them!

Monday, 29 August 2011

More Hats....

I will be returning to non-hat related bloggage soon, but here are the hats all boxed up before our trip to London...And here they are, all set out on my stall floor for a final count and just generally to be admired!
In other news, I have been working away on some Halloween jewellery and some new designs for the next couple of weeks. I've got some ideas that I'm quite excited about, I'll be posting pics when I've had a chance to make some!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Fancy Hats!

Here are some of the highlights of the hat making shenanigans! There were lots of lovely hats, but these are the ones that were a bit different - and some of mine just to show that I did a few myself...
Top row - Vicky
Second Row - Lowri from Siop Cwlwm, Becca and nice little old lady that popped in...
Third Row - Elaine, lady from "Ladies" Group, Mine!! and another from the ladies group
Bottom row - Ladies Group, Rebecca, another nice drop-in lady, and Linda from Siop Cwlwm

I took all of the hats down to AgeUK headquarters in London yesterday, and they were very happy!
I am hoping to have lots more soon - I had a delivery of 88 this morning, plus apparently there are another 40 coming from my mum's auntie. So I'll be packing up some more!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Blog Award!

Thanks so much to Sam at Knitting Adventures for the Versatile Blogger award, and for the all of the lovely comments!
Here’s how the award works:

After accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, the blogger must:

1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

So here are seven things about me...
1) I really want to learn to make pretty pink macaroons but I'm scared to try
2) I love to sit and read in cafés with a pot of tea
3) I love French films
4) My favourite artists are Tracey Emin (quilts rather than lady-part pictures...) and Yoshitomo Nara
5) I don't watch videos in galleries - it's not that I don't appreciate it, I just hate walking in when it's halfway through...
6) I own two vintage Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men toys from Ghostbusters. Because one just isn't enough.
7) I like the smell of sweet-peas above all flowers because my mum picks them from her garden for me

And 15 newly discovered blogs;

I love all of these blogs, and most of them are actually really recent discoveries, and I'm jolly glad that I did discover them!!

Shopping List Sunday

This week my shopping list is all about yellow!

Flea Market Finds

My flea market finds this week are from my shopping trip on Monday with my gal Vicky! We had a lovely time and I got some sassy new clothes, and a big bag of toy dinosaurs for my friend Darren's birthday (he's a big dino fan), but this was my super-dooper find of the day...
Gorgeous nearly new Dr. Marten shoesies! They are a little bit stiff at the moment, so I will need to wear them in a little but I think they're lovely!
I also picked up this sweet little lamb, it's hard to get a good photo, but it has tiny little eyelashes and everything! It doesn't have a permanent home just yet, but I'm sure it will look very sweet wherever it goes!
For more Flea Market Finds pop on over to see Sophie Isobel!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Big Knit 2011

It's been a spectacularly, amazingly, super-dooper, terrific day! As I mentioned yesterday, there were 203 hats already finished and on display. By 3.40 this afternoon there were 330!!! Here are some of the highlights of the day (everyone featured has given their permission for photos)...
Super-star Pom-Pom makers! Becca with the 300th hat!
Check out the concentration (and blurry hands...)
Some of my happy helpers (L-R Nannon, Rebecca, Vicky and Bonnie) Legends!
I haven't taken photographs of all of the hats at this stage, partly because by the end of the day I thought my brain would melt if I saw another hat...and partly because I want to get a shot of all of the hats together. I also want to show some of the super-fancy hats that have been made, just because I think some need to be photographed for posterity. It also has to be said that as well as these lovely ladies, there was my mum, my friends Graeme and Sam and their daughter Abigail, Martin on Pom-Poms, Elaine and Nikki my stall neighbours, the lovely people that run the market cafe who kept us supplied with tea and scones, and several ladies that I haven't met before who dropped in hats, as well as a regular stream of hats coming from Lowri and Linda of Siop Cwlwm Croesoswallt. I am going to be spending some time tomorrow writing thank you letters to everyone that has been so kind and generous with their time. I am pretty thrilled with the outcome of today. And really very tired....

Friday, 19 August 2011

Big-Knit Eve!

Well, it's only Big-Knit Eve, and there are already 203 hats finished and on display in the stall!

Today my mum brought three carrier bags full of them. There were 117. I am so happy that so many people have been so willing to give up their time to make so many hats for charity, but also that so many people have been so supportive of me and my slightly nutty plan to have a Big-Knit day. I can say honestly that I wasn't sure how it would go, or if anyone would be interested at all. It's been a crazy 10 months, opening the stall was a big step for me, and the outpouring of support for the hats makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The two seem inextricably linked somehow. Regardless of how the big day itself goes, I feel really thrilled with the amount of hats that I can pack off to Innocent. So, enough sentimentality, bring on the hats....
There are two lovely Strawberry hats - I like this one because it has yellow seeds (the other has white!!)
And as well as two strings of hats, they have now taken over my workbench. I have visions of my whole stall being full...
And a close up of some of the hats, including an extra four from lovely Linda from Siop Cwlwm Croesoswallt! I am really excited about tomorrow - today I was knitting away while my lovely friend Martin made pom-poms. It was ace and I hope just a taster of the fun we will all have tomorrow!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Jester Hat Pattern

Here's my Jester Hat Pattern - I've done my best to explain it, it's not terribly difficult but do holler if there's anything that doesn't make sense!
The Pattern is the same as the Innocent Hats to a point, but I'll start at the beginning anyway...

You need Double Knit Yarn with 4mm needles - as with all of the Innocent hats!

Cast on 28 stitches.
Knit two Rows
Start with a knit row and K1 row, P1 row for 12 rows (it's the same as Innocent to here, and then we get jester-ific)
On a knit row - Cast off 1 stitch, then you will make the first "point", you need to knit the next 6 stitches, turn and purl these 6 stitches, turn and k2, k2tog, k2 (5 stitches), turn and purl, k2, cast off 1, k2 (4 stitches), turn and purl, turn and k1, k2tog, k1 (3 stitches), turn and purl, turn and k1, cast off 1 and k1 (2 stitches), turn and purl, and then turn and cast off the last 2. That's the first one done. Phew.
For the next three "points" you will follow this pattern...
Join yarn back in. Knit 5 stitches, turn and purl, knit the five again, and turn and purl them (this is because of the distribution of stitches and the amount of rows from base to tip!) K2, cast off 1, k2 (4 stitches), turn and purl, turn and k1, k2tog, k1 (3 stitches), turn and purl, turn and k1, cast off 1, k1 (2 stitches), turn and purl, then cast off the 2 remaining stitches. Remember to do this for three of the "points".
For the last "point" you just need to repeat the first point pattern.

So now you will have a flat hat and some wobbly triangles attached. This is the point where you stitch up the "points" - do not turn it inside out, just stitch neatly along the edges of each point. Then stitch up the hat, this can be done on the inside edge. It looks odd, and there should be a hole in the top where the hat hasn't been shaped in the usual way, but this is easy to fix, just run a stitch through and pull tight. I also added bells to the ends, it weighs down the points and makes it festive!

I hope this isn't too complicated... I'm sure it's a long way to do it but it's how I made mine!

My Creative Space

I've not really had much of an actual creative space this week, aside from knitting my socks in various café's around Wolverhampton, but I have been shopping in preparation for some creative style shenanigans! I found lovely orange pillow-cases to rip up for a rag-rug for my living room, some lovely mustard pure wool (49p - bargain!) and four balls of Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe yarn for £2 each. I was very well behaved - there was alpaca and pure wool too, all for £2 a ball - and quite frankly it took all of my strength to leave with only four balls.
So I have plans for the pillow cases, and a little shimmering idea for the bamboo yarn, but the mustard was entirely frivolous. What can I say, I just couldn't leave it behind... So no real creative space, but a jolly nice morning out anyway, lots of charity shops and tea drinking.
For more creativity, pop on over to Our Creative Spaces... and I'll be back with my Jester Hat Pattern after I get a cuppa !!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Preparation for Big Knit Day!

I've spent some time today getting ready for my Big-Knit on Saturday. I put up the 80th hat today, and have a promise of another 30 from an Auntie, so the 100 mark will be passed soon! I've been busy making pom-poms, because most of the people that I've spoken to like knitting but don't like the pom-pom bit, so I thought having a bowl-full ready for Saturday would be a good idea. Luckily I rather like making pom-poms, so it was quite good fun.
I also finished my jester hat. It's a bit wiggly, but I thought it was fun. I picked up the bells on Monday and they finish the hat off well.
I'll post the pattern tomorrow just in case anyone fancies making one! For now though I am working on some socks. I started them yesterday, and I am determined not to give in to second-sock-syndrome this time. It's very snazzy yarn, and I am getting on quite well so far.
I want to practise cable knitting some more too, but it requires much more concentration than I can manage at the moment!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Shopping List Sunday

Lots of little animals from Etsy this week...
RED FOX pocket mirror by boygirlparty

Flea Market Finds

I've been on the look out for pretty embroidered doilies for a project that's been rattling around inside my head for a little while - and on Friday, on my way up to my stall, I noticed a basket full of them! There's a quirky little antiques/collectables stall with lots of pretty things, and these lovely doilies were 10p each!
This is a close up of the detail on one of my favourites, it's so dainty and pretty! I have lots of projects on the go at the moment, and I'm trying to get some stuff finished before I start anything new, but I'm really hopeless and always start thinking about the next thing!
For more Flea Market Finds pop over to see Sophie Isobel

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hats, Hats, Hats!

It's been a quiet day in the market today, which was lucky because I had so many hats to put up! My second line is completely full - there are 78 finished hats already, and I had a sneaky preview at some more at Stitch and Bitch last night from super-star knitter Vicky, and I have been told that there are some from my mum and auntie and lots of friends. It's looking likely that I will have over 100 to send off to Innocent!
These are the hats that my mum collected from her Ladies group, they really are fantastic...
I also had a little bit of fame this evening; there was an article about the knit-along in the local paper...

Friday, 12 August 2011

Lots and Lots of Hats!

When I started thinking about having a knit-along day, I had a target number in my head, the amount of hats that I wanted to send away to Innocent; It was 50. I am happy to say that I had to put up a second line for hats today - I had another ten hats from my friends Martin and Kay, plus one from my stall-neighbour Elaine and another one of mine!
There's 44 up now, but the lovely Ladies group that I joined in with have made 32 since last week!! They're super knitters! So that's 76 before I even have my knit along day! I really am overwhelmed! I had my photograph taken for the local paper this morning, as well as a short interview, so hopefully the article will spread the word and lots of people will come along. I'm really grateful to the Market Manager too, who has been really supportive and organised for the press to come - he's a star - I'm wondering if he'll come along and make some pompoms...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Creative Space

I'm having one of those "picking stuff up and putting stuff down" days. I started this morning by finishing my 44th flower hexagon, so now I need a new set of colours. Then I put all of my books onto our new shelves. Then I did a couple of rows of my rag-rug...
Then we went into town to get nice fresh bread and soya milk (and my lovely husband bought me flowers), and we had a look for nice fabric to add into my rag-rug, and some for a living room rug but no luck. Then after some Internet research I tried cable knitting...
This is it so far - it's getting there. The pattern is from Knitting Cables for Dummies, and it's helped me understand how the whole cable thing works. So now that I get it, I'm going to do some swatches to practise!
To see what everybody else has been up to, pop on over to Our Creative Spaces!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Hats

I've been really thrilled at all of the enthusiasm for my Big Knit - these fantastic new hats arrived today!
They were a joint effort by my friend Martin and his wife Kay - she did the knitting and he did the pompoms! As well as these ones, I had two more dropped in this afternoon, and I finished two more. So far there are 32 on my washing line, but it's getting very full so I'll be needing a new one soon! I'm overwhelmed, and really excited for the day itself - I think it's going to be a big success. The local press have been contacted too, and are interested to come along, it's going to be amazing!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Flea Market Finds

I'm doing pretty well so far today; My Flea Market Finds this week are also early! One of my new treasures is a very sweet little deer dish, which my lovely friend bought for me today (Vicky - I hope you don't mind me calling it a flea market find!!). Vicky is my most favourite charity shop partner-in-crime, and she finds the best stuff! We are planning some hardcore charity shopping trips soon, I can't wait! I also had a good find myself on Thursday - this fantastic "Make it Yourself" book from the 1970s. There are some amazing patterns...
I love the pout on this lady...
There is a really nice "easy enough to knit without looking" blanket, and a pretty quilt, which is under the title "Feather your nest with Colour"! So sweet!
We've been busy filling up our amazing new shelves with books and films over the last few days, and I am looking forward to finding spaces for all of my kitschy ornaments and little things. Pics soon!
For more Flea Market Finds pop over to see Sophie - She's ace!

Shopping List Saturday

I'm early with my list this week for once! Here are some of my favourite things this week...

Friday, 5 August 2011

Big Knit Poster!

Here's my Big Knit poster! The lovely lady I've been corresponding with at Innocent sent me all of the official images and logos, and said I could use them to promote my day, which is ace! I'm going to make some stickers too I think, so that everyone that comes along gets one!
I'm going to try and get some more hats made this weekend, I am keen to fill my "washing line" and hopefully even get another one up too!

Little Hats!

After yesterday's knit-a-thon with a local ladies group, I put up a washing line in my stall to show off the wonderful hats that have been made so far...

I have 16 hanging up already, with three more of my own in the making, and the promise of lots more from some of the ladies from last night and some of my Stitch and Bitch gals. It looks like its going to be a successful event on 20th August; I've been talking to customers about it and everyone seems really keen! I'm going to make some posters for it after Stitch and Bitch tonight- will post pics of them when they're done!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Creative Space

I have to confess that my space this week is actually from yesterday. These are the new earrings that I've been making - I particularly like the frosted pink...
I have had a very busy week so far, making lots of necklaces to send to the National Eisteddfod so today I have been knitting and drinking tea. I went along to a local "ladies" meeting, and left with a whole mountain of little hats for Innocent Smoothie, so tomorrow I'm going to be putting up a washing line in the stall to display them all!
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