Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Photos of my Lovely Stall!

Had a bit of a re-shuffle on my counter-top last week. I am starting to run out of room for everything. And I need more display stuff too. Really must go shopping...
These are some of my new Button Earrings! They have been quite popular, and of course, I needed some to wear myself - I picked out green and white. They're fab. I love buttons.
My birds have found a little space on my shelves. They seem pretty cosy.

I thought I would try something new for displaying my brooches. I had found that customers weren't seeing all of the designs, and I don't like to disturb them as they peruse, so this seemed like a good solution. It seems to have worked. It's a learning curve, this whole having a shop thing.

One of the highlights of my day today was shopping for crochet cotton. I picked up the pink and green today, so tomorrow I will start making flowers for a special commission.
This evening I am working on some wrist warmers that will be worn over my wrist protectors when I go roller skating. I'm not being vain - I understand that I have to wear them, but they're just so ugly!! So they will be covered with knitted loveliness. I wondered about covers for my elbow and knee pads too, but I thought that might be excessive!!

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