Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Creative Space

I've been busy making lots of jewellery today! I had some commissions to do, including a boxer dog necklace, a black cow brooch, a black and white cow brooch and a purple scotty dog brooch, but I also tried out a couple of other designs that I had been thinking about for necklaces;
I decided I would make the red heart to try out myself.I like to wear my jewellery out and about so that I can see how people respond to it - it's a good way to know if I should make some for the stall! So, I have ordered some purple and pink transparent plastic so that I can make some more of these necklaces, I think they're funky!
This afternoon I am making packaging for the commissions, and then I have some more crocheting to do! It's a lovely day so I may even sit in the garden to crochet, I'm sure the chickens will keep me company!
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  1. They look so pretty & am loving the red heart mixed in with the white beads!


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