Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sneaky Peek at my Latest Project

It has to be said, that sometimes when people come into my stall and say "I could make that", it drives me a little bit crazy and I have to stop myself from making "harumphf" type noises. But really, it fills me with happiness that people want to make things. Especially the little ones that come in. It's ace that they like the idea of making things themselves, after all, it is how these crafts and techniques get passed on. So in the spirit of encouragement, I have made some kits for making fabric yo-yo brooches!
The kits include enough fabric, buttons and brooch pins for three brooches, as well as instructions, and templates so that more and more and more can be made! I'm going to put some in the stall on Wednesday as a trial run, but I think they would be a great summer holiday/rainy day project. And they're not just for the kids, I hope that crafty adult folks will have a go too!

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