Thursday, 30 June 2011

My Creative Space

Today has been a super exciting day! My usual Creative Space was transformed into a photography studio, and I got to wear a pretty dress and everything!
My absolutely humongous (wow, thought the spell checker would have had a hissy fit with that one...) gratitude to Mr Martin Woolfe for making me feel like a movie star and taking such beautiful photographs! There was a reason for this little shoot, as it appears that I'm going to be featured in a magazine... More info soon!
I spent this afternoon trying out my new roller skates. I have an extremely sore bottom after a bit of a tumble, but I loved every moment! What a lovely day!
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  1. So pleased you enjoyed the shoot, It was fun and a pleasure to work with you.

  2. Thank you my dear, the photographs really are lovely, and I'm not the only one that thinks so - have an email to forward to you!!!

  3. Gemma, you look so, so pretty and your dress is lovely! xxx

  4. Thanks so much Shelly, I really felt like a movie star!xx


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