Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Creative Space

I'm busy working away on lots of little projects at the moment, so I have been working on whatever has taken my fancy! This is my little basket that I keep everything nice and neat in...
I have a pair of knitted socks and a pair of crocheted socks on the go, as well as my granny square blanket, and floral embroidery that will be a cushion. The crocheted sock pattern is the first one that I've tried, and I have harassed some of my lovely girlies to join in, I'll be posting pics of our progress on my facebook page!
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  1. Looks like you are on a crochet frenzy... Love it :)

  2. i love the colours, esp the square at the front. pretty flower too!

  3. Thanks so much, I have been trying to remember to take time to do making for myself!


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