Monday, 2 May 2011

New Yarn

The super-dooper yarn that I picked up from a charity shop last week has one distinct draw back; I only found five balls and have used two already. So my fantastic bargain has led to me buying more yarn, at a much more typical cotton yarn price so that I can finish the blanket that I started...It's still very pretty though, so I'm not complaining, and the new yarn that I picked out today is gorgeous too! (Maybe the lesson here is not to start large projects with small amounts of yarn, but then that would involve a certain amount of forward planning...)

I'm starting to accumulate rather a large bundle of squares now! I've planned the layout of the squares and worked out how the new yarn fits in so hopefully the new blanket will be done very soon! It's a good way to relax in the evenings - sometimes I forget that I don't have to be working all the time - that said, I'm off to do some work now...

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