Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I have finished the last of my bargain charity shop yarn making my waterlily granny squares, I made six of each colour-way, and one ordinary granny square in blue which will be the centre square. Next I plan to make white and pink squares, to make the blanket bigger, but here are the squares I've made so far... I really love this design, and I suspect it will pop up again in my makings!

On Sunday I made this apron from vintage fabric, because I keep putting things down around the house (scissors, crochet hooks etc) and forgetting where I put them, so this seemed like a pretty solution to the problem. It has three separate pockets, so hopefully it will be useful.

Today I have been working on some designs for new jewellery - I'm not sure yet if I've hit on anything good, but I hope there will be something that can used. It's been another rainy day, so I have been sketching whilst drinking tea and watching "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", seems like a good way to pass the time!

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