Sunday, 29 May 2011

Granny Square Blanket!

I have been quietly working away on granny squares over the last few weeks and they seem to be coming along well. There's something comforting about sitting with a cup of tea and crocheting away on a rainy, gusty old day.

I tried putting them all out in order this afternoon. I have a few more to make yet, to go around again - twelve pink and ten white for the sides, and then the flowery corners which are already done. I am going to join with the blue from the centre square, and possibly edge in blue if I have enough. It's looking so pretty already, I can't wait until it's done!


  1. Hi, I have just learnt how to crochet and am just starting my own blanket using granny squares. I have done about 10 squares so far so still away to go. I absolutely love the flowery squares, do you have a pattern for these that you would be willing to share?? I would love to add a few of these into my blanket!!

  2. Hi, thanks for letting me know which book you got this from. I have found it on Amazon so will be purhasing today!! I just hope mine turn out as nice as yours!!

  3. I am learning how to crochet and I would love to know where I could find the pattern for the squares, especially the flower ones. Would you share with me as well??


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