Monday, 4 April 2011

Two Year Blog-a-versary!

Two years ago today I started this blog as part of my second year professional practise module at uni - it seems like forever ago - but my blog is still here! Things have changed enormously in the last two years; I've finished uni, exhibited my jewellery in some fantastic places, have lovely shops all over the country stocking my work and have my very own little stall where I can make things and sell them to lovely people. I know that I am extremely lucky to be able to do what I love all the time - that I can call it "work" - and I am hugely grateful to the amazing people who have been so supportive in the last two know who you are. image from little cotton rabbits

So thank you to all of you that have been here from the beginning, and to those who've joined along the way, it means a whole big bunch!

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  1. Happy blogaversery! (Also: yay, knitted cupcakes!) xx


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