Saturday, 16 April 2011

Rescue Mission

I spent today working on something very unusual - something for myself! Yesterday I was given a bag of embroidery wool and silks, old patterns and some (what looked like) half finished tapestries by the very nice chappy who has a stall next to mine. He thought some of it might be of use to me, and he wasn't wrong! I unpacked it in a state of frenzied excitement, and was thrilled to find this very beautiful flowery tapestry (which is very similar to the ones I have been working on, for those of you who have been keeping up with my recent ramblings!). It was finished, with the exception of the bottom row, but the edges were all rough and creased and not so hot. I couldn't bear to see something so pretty left in such a state, so I decided that it was crying out to be a bag. So here it is, a new bag that's all set for my upcoming trip to London!

Apologies for the fact that this photo is pre-iron, but I was just to excited not to post pics right away! I have used the tapestry as the front pocket, it needs a button and popper to keep it closed so that's the next job on the list! I have lined the pocket with vintage pink floral fabric, and the bag itself is lined with vintage yellow floral fabric. One of the other stall holders was unimpressed with my choice of "clashing" patterns, but admitted that it worked when she saw the finished bag. I'm pretty pleased with it, it hangs really low and it's big enough that I can stash all of my stuff in it!

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