Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Creative Space

I've had a very busy day today - sent a parcel to my new stockist (more info soon...), took some new brooches to Oriel Wrecsam, and went shopping for yarn! I got this quirky (slightly oceanic looking) ball of yarn for new crochet flower brooches so I've been trying it out this evening! It's very soft!I also bought shoes. Two pairs actually. They are stripey and I love them. Looking forward to sunny days so that I can wear them...And there was a whole big bunch of tea drinking. And some catching up with old friends, and putting the world to rights with a new friend (who is quickly becoming a very good friend). So it's not been an actively creative day, but it's been a jolly nice day.

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  1. That is certainly a beautiful green you're using!

  2. Yummy yarn! I'd love to see how your flowers turn out.
    Do we get a peep at your new shoes? :)


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