Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Creative Space

Rather than just showing what I'm actually working on this week, I thought I would give a little peek into some of my favourite nooks in my little stall...This is my work bench, where I made my jewellery - at the moment, just putting together chains and earrings, gluing on brooch backs and so on...This is my little cabinet, which I started out using to display jewellery, but it became apparent fairly quickly that it wasn't the best way to show off tiny things! So now it holds my button jars (all neatly sorted by colour), various yarn and lots of lovely books - and I like it lots more now!

And just because they're beautiful; my daffodils from Whirlwind Amy (and her lovely mum), they're so cheerful!

So that's what my space looks like today - it's fantastic to have somewhere so lovely to go, I look forward to work every day!

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  1. Ooh how lovely! And to think I've actually been to this lovely little corner of the blogosphere today!
    Hope you're having fun organising your cross stitch threads, my dear :-)

  2. It took me ages to sort it all out - in fact, much longer than I've had sewing this evening! And it was a good thing that I got the bigger box - it's half empty, but the small box would have been too small! Thanks for helping me choose!xx


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