Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Laser Cutting Fun!

I've been having a really good play around with my laser cutter today. I tried out a load of stuff, but these are my favourite pieces... (Sorry for the picture quality - forgot my proper camera so it's a mobile phone camera effort!)

It's a really exciting tool, I really enjoyed trying out the hard-board for the little bird, it's not something I've used with a laser cutter before. I also made myself some teeny heart earrings, I forgot to get a pic, but they're very cute!

Tonight I am working on some crocheted flowers, as well as some more stuff to try with the laser, I'm having a quiet evening because I'm fighting yet another cold, which left me a little fuzzy for my meeting with my Princes Trust business mentor - luckily he was very sympathetic! He has given me some good ideas and some helpful advice, it's fantastic to have so much support!

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