Monday, 28 March 2011

Inspired by Cath Kidston!

I've mentioned it before, but I was very lucky to receive the Cath Kidston "Stitch!" book for Christmas. I completed the purse cross-stitch last month and was very excited indeed, so I started working on another piece last week.image from Messy Jesse

I took the pattern from this pin cushion and did a small piece in cross-stitch and silks rather than the larger tapestry type of thing in the book. It came out pretty well (I haven't photographed it yet) but I decided I wanted to try something a bit bigger...

image from a mermaid's purse

So I started this yesterday. It's a big sewing project for me (given that I hadn't ever done anything like it until last month) but I'm determined that I will have made a pretty cushion as soon as possible! I have decided that the back will be polka dotty, (there's a pattern in the book for that too), and I think it will be pink or blue with white dots. I'm planning to blog about my progress regularly, so I will take a photograph tomorrow, it's still early days though!

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