Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Exciting News...

Those of you who are super-dooper observant will have noticed a little change on my list of "Lovely Places that Stock my Work" list - don't worry if you didn't spot it, it's not a competition, just a little lead up into big news - I am now supplying jewellery to the ever gorgeous BAJA in Shrewsbury! It's a fab little boutique on Grope Lane (my most favourite name for a lane) and I am very pleased to have provided a bunch of my laser cut goodies for sale in such a fine establishment!
It's a very exciting time for gemmipop designs!

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  1. Fantastic news, Gem! I can really see you going places with Gemmipop Designs - it's so exciting! Think my Bunny may arrive at the office this morning - off out to a school first, but I'm secretly hoping by the time I get there........ x


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