Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Todays Makings!

I made this pretty brooch as a present for a very lovely lady who had a birthday yesterday, she always pops into my stall and is very sweet. She is very into corsets and gorgeous fabrics, so I thought I would make her something nice that would match her style. I really hope she will like it!As well as that, today I finally (successfully) installed a zip! It's something I've put off trying because various people had said it was hard (as a side note, I always think it's funny how people will say something is hard when, in fact, it is not. I wonder if it is about keeping secrets...). So after a failed attempt on Saturday (which was generally a disastrous day for sewing) I gathered my sewing focus and this is what happened...

It's not perfect, it is a bit wonky but I love it! I plan to make some more so I can get better at putting in zips, but I'm going to carry this one around and use it so I get a feel of how well it works!

I've had a really good move around in the stall today - I moved my glass cabinets and my counter, and moved the stock around. It seems to have made a difference, I had two sales almost immediately, after a pretty slow day! I'm hoping that things will improve now January is over.

Crochet a Rainbow Squares so far; 22 (photos coming tomorrow, it was too dark to take any when I got home today!)

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