Saturday, 12 February 2011


I've been a busy-bee today! I made these hair elastics because I've been having problems finding nice ones - but I just used buttons with loops on the backs. I'm going to try them out tomorrow.
I made put these flowers together this afternoon. I've tried a different way of putting them together from the ones I normally make - these ones are off-centre so the back flower petals show between the front ones. I think they're quite pretty! I also made a rose brooch from a new pattern, but I forgot to get a photograph before it went dark!

And as part of my resolve to finish projects that I've started; this is my finished granny square blanket. I love the colours!


  1. LOVE the granny square blanket, I really want one !!

  2. It's really quite pretty isn't it? I'm very pleased with it, and it was fun to make!


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