Sunday, 27 February 2011

Flea Market Finds

I had a chance to have a good look around various charity shops this week, in Shrewsbury, Llandudno and Norwich, and I got some lovely stuff;
This fantastic tin was full of buttons, there are some really fab ones! As I was paying for the tin, the nice man in the shop gave me these vintage hair slides because there was a whole plate full of them (I made a donation)...I got this kitschy glass paper-weight in Norwich from Oxfam, it's so pretty and it lives in the cabinet in my stall
And I got these plates to display stock on in the stall, I never seem to have enough display stuff! I like the patterns, they're both really pretty. For more Flea Market Finds pop over to see Sophie Isobel!

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  1. Really great finds! I love the paperweight and plates. Beautiful.


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